…justice and love will conquer all. If given good PR!


Profile: Tanja Tatomirovic, Microsoft PR & Citizenship Lead for Serbia and Montenegro

Magazine CORD, April 2013

How to Love Your Work and Stay Young Forever

It seems to me that in this world one can either fly up or allow to be dragged down… Either you adjust to the rules of the world or you perish beneath its feet

In this fast-paced world where change is an integral part of all of our lives, it takes a special something to keep your energy and enthusiasm high. Tanja Tatomirovic, MSc in Communicology, Microsoft PR and Citizenship Lead for Serbia and Montenegro, seems to have found a magic formula. Her outlook and attitude keep her highly charged and motivated to take on the challenges of her life and her work. Although she has had her share of changes throughout her life, she takes on the world each day with the fresh eyes of youth. Tanja has been working in the world of communications for the past decade, and for the three years she managed corporate communications, internal media and CSR as a corporate communications director at one of the largest telecommunication company in the Adria region.

Cord Magazine: Tanja She managed crisis communications for the country’s largest exporter -petrochemical company Petrohemija, worked as a spokesperson and public relations advisor at the Supreme Commercial Court and a journalist in a number of Serbian broadsheets. In late 2010, the international magazine Digital TV listed her among the top 50 of the most important people in the European broadband industry; Tanja received a number of national and international awards for excellence in communications. She is a published author and her book “Mussolini’s Microphone” was published by the Serbian PR Society as its first publishing project ever. During 2012, she became a member of the Expert Jury for “PRiZnanje” Annual National Awards in Public Relations.

From the beginning of February, Tanja has been responsible for driving Microsoft’s communications strategy, ensuring its product messaging resonates on the market well and helping Microsoft in Serbia and Montenegro become the leader in socially responsible business.

Of all the places I traveled to during my life, I somehow always find myself longing for the universe located between Belgrade, Pančevo and Netherlands. My school, university, postgraduate studies, journalism, the school I worked in as a teacher, the petrochemical plant, the commercial court, telecommunications, consulting, the book I wrote, the one marriage that drifted away, other loves I gambled away – someone could look at it all and think I am actually well over 39. It seems to me like I got my first job only a moment ago. The job in the newspaper on an outdated 286 computer, printing stories that I believed would change the world on an ancient ink-jet printer – it all seems like yesterday.

Today I don’t have the 286, I am using my Windows laptop as a communication hub. I cannot help but wonder where is the time in between? From this perspective it seems to me that in this world one can either fly up or allow to be dragged down… Either you adjust to the rules of the world or you perish beneath its feet. Either you work for the big multinationals or for a local business. Actually, I work for both. This is why it helps to feel 19 again. It also helps to drink from the fountain of eternal optimism and follow your hunches especially when hunches tell you that the things can only get better, and that justice and love will conquer all. If given good PR.”