I was maybe six or seven years old when, one evening, two of us went for a walk from our building in 6 A. Glisica Street along Nemanjina Street to Kneza Miloša Street … and we were walking to the park near the building of the former federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. It was winter. Then I still liked the winter. It was snowing heavily. We were talking about everything, because we have always talked about everything, ever since I can remember. Openly, directly, without beating around the bush. She taught me some very practical things, for example, no empty talk.
That evening we reached the park near the “Mostar”, with a plan to walk down Sarajevska Street and come back home. At the very beginning of the park, a rather small fir tree could barely handle the weight of snow. “Look at this poor fir tree. If I were you, I would help it.” I walked up, crawled under the tree, shook it with all my strength. All the snow fell down on me, and the fir tree rose, joyful and alive. I yelled at my mom when I brushed the snow off, but even today, years later, I know that she taught me to help even when it perhaps does not pay off. There have been many fir trees so far. I do not regret it. I will be taken out of the snow someday.
She taught me to take care of animals, too. She also wanted me to split chocolate into three parts, for dad, her and me, being afraid that I would become selfish as each only child does.
maslacak realShe taught me to fight my own fears. Being afraid of a dandelion, I could not touch it … because, it seemed as if it attacked me from everywhere, and as someone told me, “Snake milk ” leaked from its stem. She would pick it up and without being sorry, blow it at me with a smile.
Hence, there are few things that I fear, even though I am not brave.
Well, that is it for what you asked me what was on me … This is my overcome fear … and my mom’s message that she loves me. Not to forget it, by chance. 🙂