A Do-It-Yourself Memoir Notes (“Leksikon” – in Serbian)

1. Who am I?
Tanja Tatomirović, Consumer, Social & Digital Audience Marketing Manager in Microsoft, CEE Multi-Country region –  covering 24 countries, based in Serbia and in Germany.
2. What do I do?
For more than 3 years, I have been in charge of Communications and Philanthropies in Serbia and Montenegro and coordinated our PR agencies in Cyprus and Malta. As from the 1st of April, I am in charge of Consumer Marketing and Digital and Social strategy. That means that I am taking care of almost all social and digital activities in the region. As a passionate blogger and Twitter user with more than 8k followers, I am considering that as natural. 
I am MSc in Communicology & PhD researcher at the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia, focusing my researching on digital media. I am a vivid user, trainer and adviser on digital communications and online advertising and educated social listening specialist.
In addition, more interesting fact is that I will be a character in one “digital realism” novel, written by one of the most popular authors in the region of a couple of countries nearby. I am acting myself with the different name, and the workplace is different.
On top, I am the author of my own book that was included in the University of Belgrade curriculum.
Tanja`s book - Mussolini`s Microphone
Tanja`s book – Mussolini`s Microphone
3. What is your favorite quote?
A: “Have you considered that if you don’t make waves, nobody including yourself will know that you are alive?” — Theodore Isaac Rubin

4. Top 3 things I like

•       Pets – I have two cats (Booby and Stinky) and one dog (Bole)
•       Radio – I even wrote a book about the fascist radio during the WW2.
•       Cheese.

5. Top 3 Things I hate

•       Hypocrisy (it sounds so hypocritical)
•       “Forward managers” (those who only Fwd-ing emails and acting in a movie “How to be a better improviser”)
•       Bad car drivers

6. Best thing happened to me?

The headline story in the most popular daily at that time. (Yes, I was a journalist during `90s.)
One of the many good things was when the Digital TV magazine listed me among the top 50 people in the European digital industry during 2010. It has become the definitive “WHO IS WHO” of the year’s most influential people in the broadband and pay TV industries.
But, my memories and some very important people are most valuable because without them I wouldn’t be able to be who I am today.
Digital TV magazine listed Tanja among top 50 people in European digital industry for 2010...
Digital TV magazine listed Tanja among top 50 people in European digital industry for 2010…

7. Worst thing happened to me?
At the beginning of last year my mother (64) died after a decade of struggling with lupus. I am the only child and it was quite challenging to overcome that and to get back in the game.
Nevertheless, during the same period of time, at my PhD studies, from January to October 2015 I successfully wrote ten of the total of thirteen scientific papers, required for the preparation of Doctoral Thesis… That is how I won the war against sadness. Probably.
Samo jedna slika
#Selfie with my mother

8. One thing on my bucket list is

To sing again. I was a chorister…

And to answer some of the questions like “How did it feel being mentioned by name on CNN news headlines?”, I have to go back in 1996-1997 when protests in Serbia were an important step forward in the expressing the voice of the people and laid the groundwork for a broad, popular nonviolent movement that would eventually lead to the overthrow of long-time Serbian dictator Slobodan Milošević. Largest protests were concentrated in Belgrade, although marches occurred across the country.
It was December 24th, the 36th day of protests against the government of Serbian dictator. The peaceful political protests in the streets of Belgrade raised to huge chaos. Me and the opposition leader Zoran Djindjic (who later became a Serbian PM and assassinated a couple years after) were interviewed by famous CNN`s reporter Peter Arnett right on Christmas. We were broadcasted as the breaking news and prior to the Pope`s traditional Christmas speech. I have been describing how I was injured by the police forces. It was an amazing experience and probably the motivation for my further career in media… or a motivation to apply for German residence permit later in my 40s. 😉
Tanja, injured - an interview for CNN, 1996
Tanja, injured – an interview for CNN, 1996
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Best, T.

The opinions expressed here represent my own free thinking (enriched with some jokes) and not opinion of my employer(s) or anybody else.